martin leonard freebase –

Incoherent Ranting #17

Watching the breath come out of your mouth,
we are all becoming less and less human,
without souls or love.

My tongue is made of erectile tissue,
depicting me not as a flattened, dehumanized stereotype,
a dilemma that you and I have always faced.

An embarrassment of riches,
we do pretty much whatever we want,
without boundaries to define us.

You have broken most of the rules,
you said you did it for me, for our love,
rule breaking has got to be there for the sake of something.

You wind up yielding incredible results,
this world is not pyramidical even if you believe it to be true,
shit does not pile up to make new paradigms of shit.

You are a true believer and this makes me want to kill you,
you have cast your lot with the beret wearing assholes,
all your rebellion has become trendy bullshit.

You sell the revolution like another commodity,
the revolution will be marketed on the internet and sold in affordable units,
your goal is to increase your bank account and not to free lives.

I am disgusted when you argue that modernism and postmodernism are expressions of the cultural logic of late capitalism,
you are influenced by this massive acceleration,
selling people a memory to help sell your revolution.

Loving the jargon you dress common sense in,
I’m not trying to be compelling,
watch me use seventeen different points of view.

You say you love me because I’m clever,
I don’t know what you mean by clever,
I thought being clever meant to be redundant and insignificant.

I agree that I’m insignificant, but I never thought of myself as redundant,
I rarely seem to exist just for my own sake,
I am just an animal searching for that which is human.

It is remarkable that you consider my integrity to be so sad,
I have created in you an internal effect,
a reaction to my existence.

The results of all self-awareness is eventually destruction,
your response to this is typically biblical,
my reflection in the mirror is terminal.


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One response to “martin leonard freebase –

  1. Within this poem, one line captured my attention above the rest:
    “You sell the revolution like another commodity,”
    It goes to the heart of why there is no true counterculture and protest anymore, five minutes after it starts Madison avenue spins it in a way to sell what every they want.

    Your poem captures aspects of this with lines such as “all your rebellion has become trendy bullshit.”

    This is a fine rant.

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