Let Blame Fall Where It May

I didn’t want to start Heroin Love Songs back up.


Never. Ever. Ever.

At some point in 2009 Wolfgang Carstens approached me about putting it back up and linking it to the Epic Rites kingdom and it just didn’t feel right. Nothing against Wolfgang or his endeavors, but I just did not want to do it. Who has the time or charisma or patience or wherewithal to do a thing such a blogzine that ten people will read before it fades quickly into obscurity? I mean, seriously? You spend time begging for submissions, you spend time putting the thing together either as an on-line thingy or a print thingy or as an e-book thingy and it’s a lot of fucking time. Especially when you quit doing [censored] cold turkey and the only thing that would get one through to one’s deadline was a fat rail of low-rent Mexican back alley [censored]. A hypothetical observation of course.

A funny thing happen on the way to the welfare line….

One night I put together a list of vices that I felt were, in one way or another, causing my life to either degrade or decline, or a combination of both. Many of these vices in vastly enjoyable, somewhat less than lawful and, in various forms, expensive. Plus I thought 2011 might be a good year to go on the straight and narrow.

Needless to say, I have failed at these efforts.

But, I did get the bug for doing Heroin Love Songs.

My friend and fellow publisher, Brian Fugett, has mentioned on a few occasions that publishing is addictive. It’s not all the bullshit things such as finding work, editing work, etcetera, rather it is the art of putting the thing together. While I am not saying I am the most artful dodger in the blogosphere regarding poetry journals, it is a fucking rush to put the shit together. Layout, fonts, line structure, pagination and so on. Geek city, true!

So for the time being, Heroin Love Songs is back. How long? No idea. But I will enjoy it while it lasts. You might too.




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