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Epic Rites Press is massively pleased to announce the release of Can’t Stop Now! by John Yamrus, his eighteenth book of poetry.

Attached you’ll find a press release for Can’t Stop Now!, plus exterior book images by the great multi-media artist Pablo Vision. The exterior is a depiction of a seventeenth century perpetual motion machine, symbolic of John’s incredibly consistent body of work in a career that spans over four decades.

An electronic version of the press release is available online. A review of Can’t Stop Now! (by UK author Zack Wilson) is available. Wilson’s review, according to Yamrus, is “the most spot-on review of my work ever written.” Also, a recent interview between John Yamrus and Wolfgang Carstens is available.

The web page for the book is here:.

You can listen to John read material from Can’t Stop Now!, as well as talk about the book, on forthcoming radio appearances March 18th with Rob Plath on Keith Richard’s Immune System
and with Diana Rose on Inside The Syndicate Lounge on March 21st.

Can’t Stop Now!, in Wolfgang Carstens’ opinion, is John’s strongest collection of poetry to date! “This is how poetry was meant to be! Raw, honest, and pared down to muscle and bone! Order your copy today!”

My only reference is that John Yarmus is the real deal and, while I have not read this tome, I would not take Wolfgang’s comments lightly. I will let you know when I get a copy.


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