crunked –

some people say nice things about me and “crunked”

“Jack Henry is easily the best poet currently active in the USA. He does not posture, boast, or pretend that he plumbs the depths of the human soul – he just does it. These poems are without evident artifice, they are, however, among the very few poems now being produced that are going to be, that deserve to be, stayers.”

– David McLean, author of Cadaver’s Dance

“… I’ve been reading through Crunked, and I’m really, really impressed. You know, I think that you may be the poet laureate of meth culture. I’m not being funny – I think you really captured the surreal and extreme nature of the way of the speed freak, and that the poems veer between being heartbreakingly sad and really, blackly funny. It’s really good stuff, very powerful.”

– Tony O’Neill, author of Down and Out on Murder Mile


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